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CORAL Platform

The Coral family of products are powerful communications platforms. They provides built-in voice and data convergence by combining IP-rich technology with the stability of TDM technologies. Ranging from single deployment or multi-site networks, Coral systems are suitable for organizations of all sizes, offering models that scale from a dozen to over 6000 ports.


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The CORAL Family
Coral IPx Family

The Coral IPx family of products is a powerful communications platform. It provides built-in voice and data convergence by combining IP-rich technology with the stability of TDM technologies. Coral IPx systems are complete networking solutions, offering powerful unified communications and multi-media capabilities, mobility features, and a host of IP-related features. Ideal for single deployment or multi-site networks, Coral IPx systems are suitable for organizations of all sizes, offering models that scale from a dozen to over 6000 ports. All system components, including telephones, trunk and station cards, voice messaging, database and common control elements can be easily scaled while protecting your investment.

Coral IPx Office

The Coral IPx Office is a complete, pure IP office communications solution elegantly packaged in a slim box. As a compact unified communications server it boasts the same enterprise-sized features of larger Coral systems, such as integrated unified messaging, mobility functions, and sophisticated call-handling capabilities. A convenient all-in-one server for voice and data traffic, Coral IPx Office is a highly scalable solution suitable for businesses of all sizes – from new enterprises seeking an IP solution that will grow as the company grows, to large organizations with multiple sites that require a standardized voice and data solution at each site. The Coral IPx Office offers a range of IP functionalities, a comprehensive list of user features and a large selection of gateways to legacy systems. In addition, details such as a data switch and print server ensure complete adaptability to your specific needs. And for complete ease of use, the Coral IPx Office is administered through the network via a friendly desktop GUI, enabling easy and intuitive management.

Your Benefits:

Powerful networking capabilities over hundreds of sites
Supports a variety of interfaces, including E1, T1, PRI, and IP
SIP trunk and gateway support
Network management and fault monitoring tool
Built-in fault tolerance and disaster recovery mechanisms (larger models)
Hundreds of proven Coral telephony features and applications
Support for relaying fax transmissions over IP networks in real time
MS Exchange integration for real-time web conferencing, instant messaging, and video/audio conversations



System Applications
Call Recording

Tadiran’s Aeonix Logger is a powerful, reliable, and feature-rich call recording and screen logging system for the Coral and UCx. It records communications of SIP trunks and phones, as well as analog and digital trunks and phones. Voice recordings in conjunction with screen capturing capabilities allow all agent / user activity to be thoroughly monitored. And a powerful search mechanism allows all recordings to be easily retrieved and played back by the system administrator locally or remotely via a user-friendly web-based management interface.

Network Management

As an advanced management information system, CFM offers an at-a-glance global view of the health of your entire Coral network. Whenever there is an alarm event, the Coral responds by sending an alert to the CFM. The CFM then assigns a severity value to the alarm. The overall alarm status change is sent to any standard SNMP NMS application. The system manager can view the alarm status of all Coral servers by surfing to the NMS application server. In addition to transmitting status information when an event occurs, each Coral transmits its status periodically to the CFM. The CFM helps the system administrator to manage the Coral network by visually prioritizing the status of events according to severity.

Unified Messaging

SeaMail is a powerful unified messaging system designed to increase productivity by consolidating voicemail and email into a single inbox. This is a fully-featured solution can run internally or as a stand-alone server on UCx and Coral IP PBX systems. Available in scalable Basic and Enterprise versions, SeaMail offers businesses of all sizes a complete voicemail solution with a virtually unlimited number of mailboxes. The Basic version can be upgraded by simply purchasing an Enterprise license. The Enterprise version includes unified messaging capabilities and offers comprehensive system and usage reporting on both a real-time and cumulative basis. The Enterprise edition also includes IVR-like scripting capabilities, T.38 fax handling, and advanced optional applications such as text-to-speech and voice recognition (when SeaMail is installed on a stand-alone server).


FlexiCall (reach-me-anywhere) allows you to a handle all your business calls through a single phone number and mailbox. FlexiCall users can be reached anywhere on any of their devices, including internal system phones, as well as off-site phones, such as mobile and home phones. Incoming calls ring on all of the specified devices until the call is answered on one of the phones. By integrating your desk phone with your other numbers, you never have to worry about missing calls when away from your desk. In addition to being accessible anywhere through your regular office number, FlexiCall allows you to benefit from Coral services and features, such as transfer and conference calling, which can be accessed directly from your off-site phone.

Call Attendent

Tadiran’s Coral FlexAttendant is a powerful tool that provides advanced attendant capabilities on a networked computer. Built for both multi-site and single-site environments, FlexAttendant allows attendants to handle calls through a familiar, easy-to-use PC interface while minimizing disruptions to daily tasks, such as maintaining calendars, word processing or handling travel arrangements. Attendants respond to incoming calls via a pop-up window and complete call transfers with a simple click of the mouse, allowing them to return quickly to other tasks.


The CoralVIEW Designer (CVD) is Tadiran’s database management tool for configuring all Coral system parameters. CVD provides a single point of administration for managing multiple sites simultaneously in a single session via an easy-to-use Graphical User Interface. CVD uses forms, which are logically organized according to Coral topic, to graphically present all the information required for the initial configuration and ongoing maintenance of Coral systems. Wizards are available to automate otherwise long and complex Coral programming tasks, such as adding users, relocating devices, and finding available dial numbers. And various built-in reports can be generated to reflect the current status of Coral configurations.


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