• Description

Integrated AIS Receiver
With an integrated AIS receiver, the IC-M506 can show real-time AIS vessel traffic information on the display. The AIS target call function allows you to easily set up a DSC individual call. The Plotter, Target list and Danger list can be toggled on the display.

NMEA 2000 Connectivity
With the plug-and-play functionality of NMEA 2000, the ICM506 can easily connect to a NMEA 2000 network.

Last Call Voice Recording
The last call voice recording function automatically saves the last two minutes of the last incoming call.

Intuitive Menu-Driven User Interface
The intuitive software key functions provide easy and fast operation to control the
multiple functions of the IC-M506.

25W Two-Way Hailer
When connected to an external hailer horn, you can talk to people on the deck or shore from the radio’s microphone and can hear people’s reply via the hailer speaker.

Built-in Horn (Automatic & Manual)
Foghorn feature is built-in via the external Hailer horn. Four horn patterns are selectable for the automatic horn function.

Other Features

• Dual watch and Tri-watch functions
Active noise cancelling
• Instant access to Ch 16 and Call channel
• Tag scan and favorite channel functions
• AquaQuake draining function
• Auto scan function
• Display and keypad backlighting
• External speaker connection
• Option voice scrambler UT-112
• Large dot-matrix display
IPX8 advanced waterproof
• Rear panel microphone version

Supplied accessories:
• Hand hanger
• DC power cable
• Mounting bracket kit

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