• Description

IDAS™ Digital Features
• dPMR Mode 2 repeater
• dPMR Mode 3 repeater for use with Fylde Micro Controller
• Individual and group selective call
• Talk back function and call mode selection
• Digital voice scrambler
• Status call and data call (Short Data Message)
• Radio kill, stun and revive (TX only)
• Call alert and radio check
• Ambience listening (TX only)
• IF output connector for connection to MultiLingo controller (Mode 3 version only)

General and Analogue Features
• 136–174MHz coverage
• 32 channel capacity and 12-digit dot-matrix display
• 19-inch rack mount design, 2U height low profile design
• 2 channel in 1 box” configuration (Optional UR-FR6100 required)
• Base station operation (Analogue and dPMR Mode 2 only)
• D-SUB 25-pin accessory connector
• CW-ID transmitter • Priority scan
• DTMF encode and decode
• 0.5ppm high stability oscillator
• D-Sub 25-pin accessory connector
• Built-in audio compander
• Built-in 5-Tone, CTCSS and DTCS capability
• Wide/middle/narrow channel spacing
• Optional voice scrambler UT-109R/UT-110R and built-in inversion voice scrambler

Supplied Accessories
• DC power cable
• Key assign stickers

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